Project List

So, SMASH is over and I wanted all of my followers to know how things will go now:

Duet versions of various songs that were released twice – Halfway Done

“Hit List” album covers like the “Bombshell” ones – Coming Soon

Covers for the “Hit List” Concert at 54 – Coming Soon

Download links for all songs of the show in MP3 – Coming Soon

Make/Rework the “Complete Season” covers like I did with “Bombshell” – Coming Soon

Special “The Complete Collection” album and add download links – Coming Soon

Covers for the “Bombshell” Concert on Broadway – Coming Soon

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See you soon!


I’M BACK!!!!

Hi Guys!

I’m finally back and ready to upload new covers!

The process has been slow, but I’m proud to announce that I will be uploading more often.

My new projects are listed below if you want to see what I will be up to on this blog. Stayed tuned and enjoy the covers for “The Surprise Party”.

Any request you’ve got, leave it in the comments, if I’m up for the task it will be added to the Projects list 🙂

See you really soon!!!

Screencap Notifications

Season 1 – All minus the “episode” ones

Season 2 (Minus episode 17) – All minus the “episode” ones

“The Tonys” – Coming Soon! You’re probably wondering why haven’t I uploaded these instead of the ones from previous episodes. Well since this are the last songs I wanted the covers to be perfect. Be patient, I promise it will be worth it 😉

S02E17 – Big Finish

S02E17 03 Big Finish 01 S02E17 03 Big Finish 02 S02E17 03 Big Finish 03S02E17 03 Big Finish 04 S02E17 03 Big Finish 05

S02E17 – Broadway, Here I Come

S02E17 02 Broadway Here I Come 01 S02E17 02 Broadway Here I Come 02 S02E17 02 Broadway Here I Come 03S02E17 02 Broadway Here I Come 04 S02E17 02 Broadway Here I Come 05

S02E17 02 Broadway Here I Come 06 S02E17 02 Broadway Here I Come 07 S02E17 02 Broadway Here I Come 08S02E17 02 Broadway Here I Come 09 S02E17 02 Broadway Here I Come 10

S02E17 – Under Pressure

S02E17 01 Under Pressure 01 S02E17 01 Under Pressure 02 S02E17 01 Under Pressure 03

S02E17 – The Tonys

S02E17 00 The Tonys 01 S02E17 00 The Tonys 02 S02E17 00 The Tonys 03